Empowering Mental Health Recovery Through Wellness and Peer Support Programs

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May 20, 2024

At Riverview Center for Growth, we recognize the profound impact that wellness and peer support programs wield in the journey toward mental health recovery. Our commitment extends beyond mere assistance; it’s about fostering an inclusive, supportive environment that nurtures individual aspirations and family well-being.

Understanding the Role of Wellness and Peer Support

Wellness and peer support programs form the cornerstone of a nurturing and empowering environment for mental health recovery. These programs are designed to bridge the gap between traditional therapeutic approaches and everyday life experiences. At Riverview, our dedicated team of peer support specialists collaborates closely with individuals and families, tailoring personalized journeys that align with their aspirations.

How does Riverview Center for Growth facilitate support?

Tailored Support for Personal Goals

Our approach is centered on understanding and supporting your unique goals. We offer personalized assistance to help you navigate through challenges, empowering you on your path to recovery.

Seamless Access to Vital Services

We facilitate seamless connections to essential services and resources, ensuring that you have access to the support you need when you need it most.

Expert Navigation through Health Insurance and Providers

Navigating health insurance and providers can be overwhelming. Our team of peer support specialists includes certified insurance experts who provide guidance through the complexities, ensuring you access the care you require.

Creating a Nurturing Space for Support and Empathy

At Riverview, we cultivate a space filled with unwavering support and empathy. We understand the significance of a compassionate environment in fostering healing and growth.

Get InvolvedFood Pantry Partnership with FOOD for Lane County

Our onsite food pantry aims to alleviate food insecurity, ensuring that no individual or family goes hungry. This partnership underscores our commitment to holistic well-being through accessible nutrition.

Clothing Closet for Clients and Families

Through generous community donations, our clothing closet is a lifeline for our clients and their families. Your contributions sustain this vital resource.

Riverview Wellness Support Team

Our certified peer, youth, and family support specialists serve as your guides, connecting you with an array of services—from education and housing to employment and disability services. Each specialist is a certified insurance expert, simplifying the complexities of the Oregon Health Plan and insurance processes.

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