Wellness & Peer Support
Wellness Support

Wellness & Peer Support

Our wellness team includes peer support specialists who work alongside an individual or family to help meet the client’s goals. We can connect you with services and resources, navigate health insurance and providers, and provide a space for support and understanding. Our team also assists with accessing our on-site food pantry and clothing closet to meet each client’s individual needs.

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Through a partnership with FOOD For Lane County, we offer a convenient onsite food pantry to help meet the needs of our clients and address food insecurity.
Our onsite clothing closet is made possible by community donations. We’re happy to offer this service to our clients and their families, and we gladly accept donations from the community to keep the Riverview clothing closet well-stocked.
The Riverview wellness team is comprised of certified peer, youth and family support specialists who can help clients access services, such as parenting classes, medical providers, housing, education, vocational training, employment, utility and rental assistance, transportation, disability services, extra-curricular and recreational activities, and insurance and Medicaid coverage. Each peer support specialist is a certified insurance assistor who can help clients and their families apply for the Oregon Health Plan and navigate insurance challenges. We also coordinate with various service agencies and advocate for our clients.